November 11, 2012

Get The Look: Casual Rock Chic

MAJOR lack of posting. Sorry for that. This look is actually quite old... To be exact: Miley wore this ensemble in December 2011. However, I still think it's a great look. It looks comfy (except for the heels maybe lol), but stylish at the same time. Plus it's verrry easy to recreate. 
Hope you like it XX

June 06, 2012

Brilliantly British

Last weekend I watched the Queen's jubilee on TV and it reminded me of the fact how much I love all things British.
From the accents, to the buildings overthere, to prince Harry. So this time it's all about the UK! But since it's difficult to catch all things British in one post, forgive me: it are just some pretty pictures... again lol

PS. picture above is from

June 01, 2012

Trend: Go Aztec Crazy is my favourite trendgenerator: you spend a few hours checking out outfits (i couldn't stop pushing the j-button) and bam you notice a trend. We've seen the tribal trend for a few seasons now, but apparently it's back with a bang! Aztec printed shirts, aztec printed shoes, aztec printed pants, aztec skirts, aztec bags... Everything aztec!! Fun fact: the print is something like 800 years old and was used by the Aztecs in Mexico to differentiate tribes from eachother. Anyway, after noticing all the aztec-looks, I decided to do some researching for my favourite ones and put them in a little collage. Are you a fan of the print?

May 31, 2012

Creating Your Own Opportunities

You should definitely watch this inspiring video of Levi Maestro, talking about how he creates opportunities for himself. Although he says a lot of stuff you might already know, hearing it from some else can sometimes help you realize. The thing that sort of hit me was him talking about how he felt at one moment: 'I have these talents, I could be working for all sorts of different people'. 'Cause that's actually exactly how I feel sometimes. You can have all the talent of the world... but if you're not showing it to people, no one will ever know. So if you want to achieve a career as an artist, photographer, singer, musician, actor or whatever: show everybody, let everybody hear you and most important DON'T GIVE UP.


So yeah. I finally signed up for some bloglovin. I know I'm kinda late with it, but signing up just seemed too much 'work' everytime I saw a bloglovin button. Yes, I'm extremely lazy... Anyway, FOLLOW ME (I'll promise I'll post fun stuff) & I'll probably follow you back. Although I'm not sure if it's possible to see your followers on bloglovin still have to find that one out! Otherwise just leave a comment on here :) Enjoy the random picture below.

May 30, 2012

Festival Fun

It's (almost) summer, the sun is - hopefully - shining, there's a great vibe and some of you're favourite singers/bands are performing. Ahh, don't you just love festival season? That's why I decided it was time for some festival inspiration. Just some fun pictures to look at (and to put you in the mood).
Credit: Cheyenne Meets Chanel 
Credit: Duochjag 
Credit: Zoey Grossman

May 21, 2012

Trend: Let It Flow

 (Christine from Fash 'n Chips)

A trend I've noticed a while ago is the maxi skirt. No, not just a simple, straight maxi skirt. I mean the - most of the time - sheer ones, with high splits. Although I just noticed not all the skirts in the pictures are sheer. My bad! Anyway, I love these looks but I'm not sure if these skirts would look good on me... Since I'm not very tall (you can easily call me short) I'm afraid I'll sort of 'drown' in a maxi skirt... What do you think?

 (Left: Sara from Collage Vintage Right: Ashley Madekwe from Ring My Bell)
  (Left: Mayo from MellowMayo  Right: Cheyenne from Cheyenne Meets Chanel)
(Left: Danielle from Nany's Klozet  Right: Shirley from Meek 'n Mild)